“Professional advocacy in the political arena is often a minefield of discordant information and shrill points of view. Decision makers depend on seasoned sources with integrity and reasoned positions. Oxley and Associates reflect the very best in their field and have earned an admirable reputation in our state’s Capitol.”
Representative Vic Gilliam (R), Oregon House of Representatives – District 18

“Oxley and Associates are true professionals. No matter what side of the issue they are on, you can trust that their facts are right, their strategy sound, and that they will work all hours until the job is done.”
Multnomah County Commissioner & former legislator Jules Bailey

“For nearly two decades, Oxley & Associates has provided Fred Meyer with valuable, matter-of-fact counsel that has had an impact on our company, our employees and our customers. We appreciate Gary’s advice to our management team.”
Mike Ellis, President & COO, The Kroger Company

“Whenever I meet with the folks at Oxley and Associates, I know what to expect: professionalism, courtesy and expertise. Credibility and trust are essential in this line of work and they score high in both categories.”
Senator Mark Hass (D), Oregon State Senate – District 14

“The team at Oxley & Associates has a reputation in the building for delivering quick, detailed and accurate information when requested. They have a solid history of representing their clients in a positive and productive manner.”
Senator Betsy Johnson (D), Oregon State Senate – District 16